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Miscellaneous Fees & Service Charges

Gateway Bank Additional Services Offered
Internet Banking
Online Banking (View Account/Transfer) Free
Online Bill Pay Free
Popmoney P2P (per transfer) $0.50

Online Banking (View Account/Transfer) Free
Online Bill Pay Free

ATM Surcharges:
At your request we will reimburse ATM fees that are charged by another bank up to $5.00 per statement cycle. Please notify us within 30 days of statement date.

Account service charges:
Early Closing Service Charge - within six (6) months of account opening $25.00
NSF item Paid/Returned
* (created by check, in-person or ATM withdrawals, or other electronic means)
Uncollected Funds Paid/Returned
* (created by check, in-person or ATM withdrawals, or other electronic means)
Stop Payment (per item) $35.00
Returned Item Cashed or Deposited (per item) $ 7.00
Dormant Account Service Charge per month (over 12 months without activity regardless of balance for Checking and MMK Accounts and over 24 months for Savings accounts) $10.00
Telephone Transfers (per transfer) $ 5.00
Image Statements $ 5.00
Deposit Correction per Item $ 5.00
ACH Unposted Correction (per correction) $10.00
Debit Card Free
Foreign Currency Exchange (per exchange) $30.00
Return Mail (per statement) $ 5.00
Duplicate Statements Service Charge
(per statement)
$ 6.00
Overdraft Fee (after five (5) consecutive business days) $ 6.00/
Business Day

Consignment Items:
Official Checks (per item) - Customers $ 7.00
International Drafts (issued in the Foreign Countries Domestic Currency) (per draft) $20.00

Currency Orders:
Coin $0.25 per roll
Currency $0.25 per strap

Subpoenas $50 per hour;
$1.00 per page
Reclamation $75.00
Writ of Garnishment $75.00
IRS Levy $75.00

Miscellaneous Service Charges:
Zipper Bags: Not for Night Deposit Use (per bag) $ 5.00
Tamper Evident Plastic Bags (for Night Depository and Courier Use) $25.00 for
100 bags
Collections (Incoming / Outgoing) (per item) $25.00
Verification of Deposit (per Request) $ 5.00
Bond Redemption (per deposit) $20.00
Coupon Collection (per Envelope) $10.00

Statement Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
Research Request $25.00 per hour
Statement Copies/Snapshots $ 5.00 per statement
Check Copies $ 1.00 per item
Copies $ 2.00 per page
Fax Services $ 2.00 per page

Wire Transfers:
Incoming $10.00 each
Outgoing - Domestic $25.00 each
Outgoing - International $40.00 each

Safe Deposit Boxes:
3” x 5” $30.00 Annually
3” x 10” $40.00 Annually
5” x 10” $65.00 Annually
10” x 10” $100.00 Annually
Lost Key Cost
Drilling Fee Cost

Debit Cards:
International service assessment fee for any MasterCard Debit Card PIN or signature based transaction will be charged. The fee(s) will be defined and calculated as follows (Per Transaction):
Currency Conversion Assessment Fee (CCA) 0.20%
Cross-Border Assessment Fee (CBF) 0.80%

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